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Storage and Shelf Life

Store Atami products in a dry place, between 20 and 25°C and keep them away from direct sunlight. Ensure containers are tightly sealed to prevent contamination and the product drying out.

The shelf life varies by product, but Atami products typically have a reasonably long shelf life when stored correctly. Refer to the product label for specific information.

Atami does not recommend using products that have been opened for several years without being able to confirm correct storage conditions. Fresh fertilisers are more likely to provide the best results.

When storing substrates in conditions with high temperatures and high humidity it is possible that saprophytic fungus can proliferate, but it is not harmful to you or your plants.


The saprophytic fungi live and feed on decaying organic matter, they do not live on or damage living plants. There is not any adverse effect of saprophytic fungi except that is visually unappealing.


To get rid of them, simply open the bag, allow it to aerate and mix thoroughly, this will cause the fungus to collapse.