ATAMI - Naturally innovating!

What started in 1997 as a small project has grown into a renowned technical biological research brand that focuses on the development and production of liquid plant nutrition and substrates. 


Apart from the research we do in our laboratory, we produce our products ourselves as well. Numerous machines are working day after day on making our products ready for sending. 


We are continuously in development and we are not done yet. The sky is the limit!


The ‘Bling Bling’ for your plants!

International Award Winner 

Best Fertiliser Award 



For the experienced grower, maximising growth and yield

B’cuzz substrates

A base for every cultivator

B’cuzz Substrates have been developed as a base for every cultivator, so you can grow any crop in every way.


Most of the B’cuzz substrates have the RHP certification, which guarantees the substrate’s quality and ensures the reliability of properties.