Wilma Plugs Unit

Wilma Plugs Unit

Place the lid on the tray upside down. This creates a mini greenhouse. It provides a favourable environment in which seeds can germinate excellently. Characteristics of Atami Wilma plugs unit:

  • Surprisingly rapid rooting and growth.
  • Plugs swell very quickly and are immediately ready for use.
  • Seed plugs absorb water easily.



  • Make sure the plugs remain sufficiently moist during their growth.
  • The water level should not exceed 5 mm.
  • When the plants are large enough you can plant them in a pot/tray/garden.

The Atami Wilma Plugs Unit is a natural and environmentally friendly product, especially made of coco shells. This natural resource is able to recuperate rapidly and is therefore CO2-emission-friendly

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