ATA NRG Triangle Pack

ATA NRG Triangle Pack

Abundant and Beautiful Flowers: The Flower-C and Bloom-C fertilizers in the Triangle Pack result in an impressive display of dense, rocky flowers, making your plants a marvel to behold.


Versatile Application: Suitable for beginners and experts, whether you have a few indoor or outdoor plants, Triangle Pack caters to a wide range of gardening needs.


Comprehensive Growth Support: ATA RNG Growth-C is a growth fertilizer that ensures your plants become abundant, green, and healthy.


Blooming Excellence: ATA RNG Bloom-C is specifically designed for the flowering phase, ensuring that your plants remain well-flowered throughout the blooming period.


Flowering Stimulator: ATA RNG Flower-C acts as a potent flowering stimulator, enhancing the density and quality of your plants’ flowers.


Easy Application: These products are user-friendly, requiring only 1 to 5 ml per liter of water, making it simple to achieve remarkable results.


In summary, ATAMI’s Triangle Pack Fertilizers offer a comprehensive solution for all levels of gardening expertise, resulting in abundant, healthy plants with dense and beautiful flowers. Their ease of use and impressive results make them a top choice for both beginners and experienced gardeners.”

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