Atami lifestyle

After 20 years of growing experience the Atami brand has become a lifestyle for many people. In line with Atami’s slogan ‘Naturally Innovating’, Atami is introducing a unique line of lifestyle products featuring bags and clothing. With an eye for detail and high-quality standards, we only use materials of the highest quality. You will now be able to enjoy the Atami experience in your courtyard, garden and on the road.



Our range of elegant bags consists of a cross-body bag and a travel wallet. They are made of high-quality leather. The cross-body bag has 4 loose compartments in which you can store tablets, chargers, travel documents and credit cards. The unique design protects your belongings and allows easy access to the compartments.


The travel wallet is a compact solution complementing the cross-body range. Lightweight and discrete with easy access to daily used documents and bank cards. Can be worn above or underneath clothing. A zipper provides access to an additional compartment to store cash. Both bags are available in chestnut, red, camel, moro and black.


The Atami clothing line started out with fashionable t-shirts designed by our in-house design team. Atami based its design process on subtlety and style. The high-quality fabric is made of 40 single, ring-spun, long cotton fibres. The shirts have been washed with enzymes and are silicone treated to avoid itching. The two iconic designs are both available in 4 colours and feature a line for ladies and a line for men.