Product Varieties

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Atami offers 4 different product ranges: Bastics, B’Cuzz, ATA and ATA NRG. Each line is adapted to the cultivation method and the specific needs of the user.



  • Bastics: High quality cocktails especially designed for the rooting, flowering, and ripening phase.
  • B’cuzz: for the experienced grower, a universal product range especially developed for maximizing growth and yield.
  • ATA: For easy and swift growth, especially developed for the grower looking for great return for price-quality ratio.
  • ATA NRG: A product range especially developed for the environmentally conscious grower, mainly composed from organic materials.

The choice of the best Atami product depends on your plant needs and growth stage. The different ranges have products to support the complete plant cycle, from rooting, through healthy and vigorous growth, to flowering and flavour enhancers. 


Also, additives that improve the condition of plants and crops. Among the Atami fertilisers you can find the product that best suits the needs of your plants and your preferences as a grower.

Review the product descriptions and recommendations to make an informed selection.

Atami provides various products, and you can grow almost every type of plant with Atami’s fertilisers. 


Check the specific needs of each plant and choose the product that best suits them at the stage of their life cycle they are at. You can find more product information on the website or product labels.