Product Compatibility

Would you like to know more about the Atami products? Then read the most frequently asked questions about our Atami products here!

Not all of them, but a lot of Atami fertilisers and most of the stimulators are compatible with all hydroponic systems.



Most of these are formulated to meet the specific needs of plants grown in this environment. 

Follow the specific instructions provided on the product labels for precise usage guidelines.



Atami does not recommend using the ATA NRG range in hydroponic cultivation as these products are largely composed of organic materials that can lead to blockages in the systems.

For organic cultivation, Atami offers the ATA NRG range, whose products are largely or completely composed of organic materials. 


These are perfectly suited for this purpose, supporting good yields without sacrificing the benefits of organic cultivation.

Mixing nutrient lines can be done with caution, but it’s essential to carefully consider compatibility and potential nutrient imbalances. Consult our grow guides to know what you can combine or not.

Mixing products with a high concentration of PK should always be done with care and knowledge. As there is a high risk of over-fertilisation you should always check the EC of the final nutrient solution.


Atami does not recommend using Bloombastic and Rokzbastic at the same time. Always start with Bloombastic to boost your flower formation and maturation. Towards the end, during the ripening phase, switch to Rokzbastic. 


By using Rokzbastic at the end, you will boost the results of Bloombastic, thanks to its compacting and hardening power. In addition, the sugar content, natural aromas and flavour of your harvest will be boosted.