Would you like to know more about the Atami products? Then read the most frequently asked questions about our Atami products here!

Product Usage and Application

Atami liquid fertilisers should be mixed with water according to the recommended dosage and then applied to your plants. Follow the specific instructions provided on the product labels for precise usage guidelines.

The recommended dosage varies depending on the specific product and growth stage of your plants. Detailed dosage instructions can be found on the product labels.

Atami products are designed to work effectively on their own, but mixing with other brands may be possible. However, it’s important to exercise caution and conduct compatibility tests when blending different brands.

Yes, Atami provides grow guides and recommendations for different growth stages to optimize your plants’ health and productivity. These can be found on the website in the Downloads section.

No, Atami product formulas incorporate components that may aggregate or settle to the bottom if they have not been moved for a while.

Before using your product, shake it well so that all the components are properly integrated again.

If you still have any questions after shaking it properly, please contact your supplier or send us your query via the web.