The best bloom booster? Trust Bloombastic by Atami. What it is and how to use it.

Bloombastic is an all-in-one additive for flowering plants. If your goal is to grow beautiful, large, aromatic flowers and improve both the yield and quality of your crop, Bloombastic is the best product to achieve this.

By applying Bloombastic to your nutrient solution you will achieve fantastic results in no time. Keep reading! We’ll explain why and how to use it.

Hyacinth plants in full bloom.
Hyacinth plants in full bloom.

What is Bloombastic?

If you don’t yet have much experience growing, you may have heard of Bloombastic and wondered exactly what it is, and why it works so well. The benefits it brings to your crop are many, as its formula based on minerals and organic substances is designed to improve and enhance the bloom phase of your plant from different fronts:

• Stimulates flowering.
• It hardens and densifies.
• Enhances naturally present aromas and flavours.
• Activates various key enzymatic processes during flowering.


The all-in-one additive boosts flowering on
several fronts.

That’s why we call it an all-in-one booster! Add Bloombastic and you will start noticing the results even after the second application.


Bloombastic and its Specific Nutrition for Lush Bloom.

Of course, a large part of Bloombastic’s effect is due to the high concentration of phosphorus and potassium it contains. Bloombastic achieves a PK value of 14-15 W/W.

Bloombastic and its PK 14-15 W/W shown in different formats: 1250 mL y 325 mL.
Bloombastic and its PK 14-15 W/W shown in different formats: 1250 mL y 325 mL.

As you know, phosphorus is necessary to provide the plant with the energy it needs to develop during the flowering phase. The explanation for this is that phosphorus is part of the ATP (Adenosine triphosphate) molecule. ATP is the energy currency of plants, and of all organisms for that matter, and it transports the energy obtained by photosynthesis using the phosphorus it contains. Without sufficient phosphorus, there is not enough energy to carry out flowering, or any vital process in fact.

On the other hand, potassium has several functions, of which we are interested in its role in the distribution of water throughout the plant, mediating cell turgor pressure. This is especially interesting to get more compact, heavy and dense flowers and fruits.

But not only that, but these nutrients also influence the sugar content, which in turn increases fragrance and flavour. In other words: phosphorus and potassium are key nutrients for flowering plants for many reasons.

But that’s not all. Bloombastic also includes plant extracts and other essential micronutrients, plus 1% iron. Iron is essential because it is involved in the synthesis of chlorophyll and participates in other vital plant processes without which the plant would die.

And it’s all free of PGR like the rest of our products!

How to use Bloombastic?

Bloombastic is highly concentrated so a dose of 0.5 to 1 ml per litre of water is sufficient. Use it during the last 4 to 6 weeks of flowering and ripening in combination with your preferred base nutrients.

We recommend monitoring the EC level of your nutrient solution to avoid over- or under-fertilising, and the pH to avoid nutrient blockages.

Recommended dosage for use and in comparison, with other products.
Recommended dosage for use and in comparison, with other products.

Keep in mind that it is a nutrient with a fairly dense consistency, so it is important to shake it VERY well before use.


Can I combine Bloombastic and other nutrients?

Bloombastic, as an additive, offers your plants very specific nutrition to form extra-large flowers and delicious fruits. But it does not cover the basic needs of the plant, only those more specific to this particular stage of the cycle. Therefore, we recommend that together with Bloombastic you also apply the correct amounts of base nutrition. You can explore our range of fertilisers here.

On the other hand, using Bloombastic together with, for example, B’cuzz Bloom Stimulator is a good way to boost the stimulating effect at the beginning of the flowering phase.

Still want more? Then you can try the powerful combination of Bloombastic and Rokzbastic, the latest bloom booster we have created.

Dream harvests with Rokzbastic and Bloombastic.
Dream harvests with Rokzbastic and Bloombastic.

Yes, that’s right! You can combine Bloombastic and Rokzbastic to even more spectacular results. It’s like mixing a refreshing drink with ice, they work great on their own, but together they create a fantastic combination, boosting each other.

Just don’t use both at the same time, it’s best to start with Bloombastic and switch to Rokzbastic at the end of flowering. By using Rokzbastic in the last weeks, you will take advantage of its compacting and hardening power, enhancing the stimulating effects of Bloombastic. You can use two weeks of Bloombastic and switch the last two weeks of Rokzbastic. This is only a recommendation; you can adjust the administration according to your preferences and the type of plant.

We don’t recommend mixing them in the same application, as the risk of over-fertilisation is potentially high if the doses are not well calculated and the EC of the nutrient solution is not correctly controlled.


I grow my plants in hydroponics, can I give them Bloombastic?

Absolutely. Bloombastic can be used in any type of substrate, be it soil, hydro or coco. Regardless of what you grow them in, your plants will be very happy with this additive. Bloombastic is even suitable for all irrigation systems, unlike the organic stimulator Bi-Bloombastic, which cannot be used in hydro substrates or irrigation systems. However, Bi-Bloombastic works perfectly well in soil and coco substrates.

Eco-friendly gardening with Bi-Bloombastic!

If you are a grower who prefers to grow organically, use Bi-Bloombastic. This stimulator also helps plants to develop large, aromatic flowers and tasty fruits. Bi-Bloombastic is the perfect choice for those who love Bloombastic but prefer to grow with a greener touch.

Bi-Bloombastic, the ideal bloom additive ideal for organic growing.
Bi-Bloombastic, the ideal bloom additive ideal for organic growing.

In conclusion… if you haven’t tried Bloombastic yet, what are you waiting for? Give your plants the love they deserve with Bloombastic, and get better harvests, both in quantity and quality. And if you’re already part of the Bloombastic fan club, consider exploring new combinations or enjoying another brilliant harvest thanks to Bloombastic’s “bling bling”. Your plants will thank you with an explosion of lush, vibrant flowers.

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