If you are looking for flowers and fruits hard as a rock, look no further, Rokzbastic does the job! This new Bastic member is designed to take your final harvest to the top. Read more about our new blooming product.

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Finding the right blooming product for your plant species or variety can be tough, especially with so many options on the market. We are aware of this.


So, what makes Rokzbastic – our latest flowering product – different from other flowering products? What was the vision behind Rokzbastic?


The idea was to bring a fertilizer for the flowering phase that would help growers produce even bigger, denser and brighter crops. With this goal in mind, Rokzbastic was created.

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What sets Rokzbastic apart is its unique PK value of 10-20, which corresponds to a P:K ratio of 1:2. This high concentration of potassium makes it ideal for plants with long blooms or those that require a higher amount of potassium than phosphorus. It is also perfect to use it at the end of the flowering phase and during maturation to achieve a heavier and firmer final harvest.

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But Rokzbastic has much more to offer than a high potassium concentration. It has been enriched with 1% iron and other essential minerals that plants need to carry out vital processes. And due to our unique blending techniques, we are able to provide a complete finishing cocktail for your crops.


For the best results, use Rokzbastic during the last weeks of flowering in combination with your basic nutrients.

If you really want to boost the stimulating effect during this phase, you can also use it in combination with Bloombastic. However, be careful when mixing these high PK products as you run the risk of over-fertilising your plants. To avoid this, it is recommended to use Rokzbastic right after Bloombastic during the last weeks of flowering to maximize the effects of both products.


Don’t just take our word for it, Rokzbastic, like other Atami fertilizers, has won an international award for its quality and effectiveness. It already received a lot of positive reviews and good feedback from users who have tried it. With Rokzbastic, you can achieve rokz-solid and frosty results, enjoying a bountiful harvest plenty of natural flavours and aromas. Give it a try and see the difference for yourself!

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