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Make the most of the outdoor season with Worm Delight and ATA NRG Upgrade!

The outdoor growing season is in full swing, how can I support the maturation and health of my plants and soil?

To help you make the most of your outdoor and organic garden, let us reintroduce you two exceptional products from the most natural side of Atami: Worm Delight and ATA NRG Upgrade.

In this blog, we’ll explore how these products can enhance your outdoor cultivation experience, ensuring healthy plants, abundant harvests, and a seamless journey from seed to harvest. Read on to find out how these products can work for your garden!

A thriving outdoor garden ready to be harvested.

Worm Delight – From nature to the bag…to your garden!

Worm Delight is worm manure, a nutrient-rich elixir, that is here to step up your outdoor cultivation. Let’s have a look into the features and benefits that make Worm Delight an indispensable tool in your gardening arsenal.

Worm Delight comes in a handy 20L format.

1. Supports rapid and healthy growth: Worm Delight provides primary and essential nutrients that fuel a healthy and robust plant development.
Earthworms digest raw materials and natural debris and break them down into organic compounds, such as humic and fulvic acids. Humic and fulvic acids provide a chelating effect on nutrients. This ensures that plants can absorb these nutrients more easily, which supports rapid and vigorous growth.


2. Improves soil condition: The organic matter and microorganisms present in Worm Delight work harmoniously to enhance soil structure and fertility. It replenishes vital nutrients and creates a balanced ecosystem, resulting in healthy, nutrient-rich soil for your plants to thrive in.


3. Supports flower and fruit production: The nutrient composition of Worm Delight will nourish your plants and support the flower and fruit formation processes. The nutritive mixture secreted by the worms includes phosphorus and potassium, which are essential elements in these phases of the plant’s life cycle.


4. Economical and sustainable: By utilizing the power of natural ingredients, Worm Delight offers a cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution. You can grow with confidence, knowing that you’re making a great choice for both your plants and your wallet.

Earthworms are a great ally in maintaining the health of your garden soil. They are a good indicator that the soil is healthy.

ATA NRG Upgrade – Discover the Slow-Release Magic

ATA NRG Upgrade is a slow-release fertilizer composed of vegetable material and rock phosphate. This organic fertilizer will take your outdoor cultivation to the next level so let’s explore what characteristics make ATA NRG Upgrade a game-changer.

The complete ATA NRG Upgrade family, from 600 gr to 6 kg, so you can choose the format that best suits you.

1. Gradual nutrient release: ATA NRG Upgrade releases nutrients slowly over an extended period, providing a continuous supply of essential elements to your plants. Due to the organic origin of the nutrients in ATA NRG Upgrade, most of them are not directly available to plants. They must be broken down by soil microorganisms and transformed into plant-available nutrients. This process allows ATA NRG Upgrade to be released slowly, nourishing your plants for up to 75-100 days with just one application. ATA NRG Upgrade has an NPK value of 9-3-4, which will perform wonders for the vegetative growth of the plant, resulting in a healthy, productive plant.


2. Soil health and crop yields: The microorganisms present in the soil, along with the beneficial Bacillus sp. in ATA NRG Upgrade, work synergistically to break down compounds and release nutrients when needed. For example, Bacillus sp. make phosphorus which is part of more complex molecules converted into forms that can be assimilated by the plant. This promotes soil health, improves nutrient uptake, and contributes to higher crop yields.


3. Perfect combination with Worm Delight: Micro-organisms plays a special role in organic farming. They break down organic fertilizers, which makes nutrients available to the plants. For this reason, combining ATA NRG Upgrade with Worm Delight it’s a great idea. This potent duo creates a soil rich in organic matter, trace elements, and microorganisms. Enjoy the benefits of this combo and get healthy plant growth, enhanced soil fertility, and efficient nutrient absorption.


4. Very user-friendly. Use ATA NRG Upgrade by mixing the granulate, according to the recommended dosage, with the substrate before using it. This way, your plants can benefit from the nutrition provided by this fertilizer (with an NPK of 9-3-4) right from the start. Another option is to sprinkle ATA NRG Upgrade on top of the substrate to enrich and give extra life to the substrate you are using.

A hand holding a handful of healthy, rich soil. The icons point to the importance of a well-nourished (NPKs), healthy soil with micro and microbiological life.

Embark on an outdoor growing journey that encapsulates the beauty of nature and the rewards of gardening. With Worm Delight and ATA NRG Upgrade as your trusted allies, you’ll unlock the full potential of your outdoor garden.

In a nutshell what these two products can do for your garden.

So, from support rapid growth and lush harvests to soil health, these products deliver fantastic results. Try them now and let your garden thrive like never before!